While we tailor solutions to specific problems, our expertise could be categorized by the following:

Software Development

We have over a decade of experience designing, developing, and deploying software

Development Operations

We have over a decade of experience in promoting automation and efficiency

Solution Design

We have over a decade of experience in architecting and managing tech solutions


We have over a decade of experience teaching tech skills to students of all ages


We have over a decade of experience mentoring students, startups, and professionals

Event Production

We have over a decade of experience in hosting tech conferences and competitions

Tech-Driven, Human-Focused

We apply deep thinking to deep problems, and present solutions with empathy and humanity


We apply machine learning techniques and algorithms for specific focuses


We apply advanced cryptography for privacy and cybersecurity purposes

Big Data

We apply data analysis and manage data in transit with consent and confidentiality

Distributed Ledgers

We apply "blockchain" and "web3" only when it genuinely adds value and trust

Relentlessly Resourceful

Our international crack team of scientists, technologists, engineers, and mathematicians that apply deep, creative, and radical thinking to solving the world's most challenging problems

Deep Inquisitive Research

We understand the states-of-the-art via academic and professional literature and data analysis

Systems Design Thinking

We take a user-centric, holistic, interdisciplinary approach to collaborative problem solving

Agile Rapid Prototyping

We develop minimum viable products through collaborative, cross-functional iterations